Plans approved!

We had the plans approved this week for our first dwelling.  It will be a three bedroom homestead, clad in colour bond to blend into the surroundings.

Our next few trips to the block, which we have decided to call Ironbark Flat, will be taken up with burning off the felled trees we don’t want.  Most of them are tall straight Ironbarks which we will use to fence the property with.  The larger pines will be used as fire wood, however, the smaller stuff needs to be burned off before summer arrives.

The house looks minute when viewed in situ on the plans!



29th January, 2017

Things are slowly moving forward.  After spending a lovely weekend in Mudgee, with our pups, we met with the builder we will probably go with.  He managed to talk us around from our very expensive design to something more practical and a little cheaper.  Also we had a small section (well 3600 metres squared) cleared along with the driveway and it felt exciting that things seem to be progressing.

Enjoy the pictures, hopefully it won’t be long before we can offer a retreat for writers suffering from writers’ block!img_9507